binding KARAKORAM Connect

The Connect Split is built for dynamic riders seeking instant response and sets the standard for what high-end bindings should offer.
An important innovation compared to the other split bindings by Karakoram is the baseplate. This is in contrast to the other models made of extremely durable Dupont Zytel plastic. This material offers better cushioning with a slightly softer flex and thus, the feeling of traditional bindings can be achieved without having to forego the usual Karakoram quality.

Included: Bindings and Splitboard Interface

Bindings Technology 
The active joining technology consists of 4 pre-loaded contact points that load the bindings to the board enabling direct power transfer to the edges. This avoids energy loss and offers an instant response. The tour step is the ultimate convenience when you need lots of change-overs between riding and hiking. You can simply keep your binding fastened to your boot while you change over, this will significantly cut down on your transition time.

The Air Flow Highback design features an optimized strength-to-weight ratio and is designed specifically for split boarding. It comes with a medium flex and is Flex-Lock compatible. Ride stride forward lean offers a ride and a stride mode on the bindings. With the stride mode, a negative 8 degree forward lean angle is possible, which allows you to glide further with every step. In ride mode, a preset forward lean between zero and 20 degrees provides better leverage on your heelside turns.

The Connect Dupont Zytel Chassis was engineered to flex without sacrificing response. Its open construction, in addition, allows the board to twist naturally under the binding. Trussed sidewalls increase heel to toe stiffness. A precision sleeved pivot on the binding in combination with the use of active joining technology in tour mode delivers the ultimate experience in edge control and the smoothest stride. With Power Link, you can get your binding out of ride mode in the easiest way by an ergonomic activation lever, which allows you to remove your binding or engage it with one simple motion.
The flip speed risers can be adjusted with your pole basket, increasing the ease with which you can engage the climbing wires tremendously. The wider platform also allows for better edge control and comes with a lockdown feature that is ideal for skating down long flat sections.

Tired of foot pain and numb feet from your straps? The AirForm ankle strap conforms to your boot with independent compression pods, eliminating pressure points and allowing for pinch point free flex. Keep your feet happy and boots snug in your bindings while touring and riding. Made from Dupont Hytrel, the AirForm straps will shave weight and save your feet.

Splitboard Interface - The easiest way to step into the backcountry. 
1. Ride Mode Technology: when you work your tail off to climb up the hill, you want to know that your ride down will be a reward and not a compromise. You want your splitboard to ride just like a regular snowboard - you want a Solid Ride. Zero seam movement for the ultimate solid board performance, 4 wide pre-loaded contact points for direct power transfer to the edge and -30° to +30° stance angles. 
2. Tour Mode: With a precision sleeved pivot on the binding and Active Joining Technology on the Tour Mode, you get the ultimate in edge control and the smoothest stride. The wide support cradle increases tour mode rigidity, while the offset cradle allows snow to clear during entry.The quick release touring bracket allows for quickest and simplest transition and no removable parts ensure you won't loose any key components! Independent sleeves rotate freely on a fixed through axle (similar to a bike axle) for the stiffest and smoothest touring pivot.

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